Saturday, April 13, 2013

I love cake.

Yes, I'm a cake lover.  I love cake.  Doesn't matter if it's one layer or eight.  Do they make eight layer cakes?  

When cake has some ice cream sitting next to it then I'm really gone.  My sister-in-law, Patty, didn't understand cake ala mode.  I didn't understand how she could not understand cake ala mode.  When those two things enter your mouth on a fork (yes, cake has to be eaten with a fork - never a spoon, what were you thinking? even when there's ice cream involved) the experience is divine.

When we were in Destin I frequented the pastry department at Fresh Market more than once.  Ok, the lady that worked behind the counter knew me by name and there were tears during my last visit.  Mine and hers.  Their cakes were outstanding and I've already started my countdown for next year.  Some people go to Destin for the white sandy beaches.  I go for Fresh Market.

The reason for this particular blog is that I have reached nirvana in "cakeness."  I have, never in my lifetime, had a better cake than the one I had at Four Roses the other night.  It was Petey's birthday so I went for it.  Any excuse, ya know.

The server approached from the rear so Petey saw my slab o' cake coming before I did and his eyes were as big as saucers.  He said, "OMG, Ellen, I think that's your cake coming!"  It was and when she put it on our table I was embarrassed - for a nano-second and then I dove in, head first.  The fork was a blur.  People were pointing and shouting.  That last part wasn't true but it could have been; I was oblivious to my surroundings.  And this is why.

I thought at first that I would need a box but when our server brought one to the table I waved her off - with my fork hand.  Yum!!!   

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