Thursday, April 4, 2013

Some things I just don't get

I know I've done the whole smoking thing before and even mentioned cigars in that particular blog but I saw something the other day that nudged me to drag it out again.

Cigars:  I just don't get them.  It's the stink.  What a stink!  How can a person (men) puff away at something so close to their noses and not barf from the odor?  That's enjoyable?  Really?

Even back before MI and other states banned smoking they wouldn't allow those horrid stink bombs inside the premises.

We've been at outdoor concerts and one or two guys will fire up their stogies and kill the atmosphere.  And out on the sidewalk, you can smell those suckers from a block away.

Oh, I almost forgot - the "nudge."  While out walking Augie the other day I saw a car turn the corner and the driver's window was halfway down - it was cold - so you know the guy was a smoker.  Well, he was puffing on a cigar and . . . THERE WAS ANOTHER PERSON IN THE VEHICLE WITH HIM!!!  Oh, barf!  Oh, yuck!

Enough said on that topic.  On to the next.

Why get a dog and then stake it out in the back yard and leave it there all day?  What were they thinking when they got it?

I'm sure I could go on and on but I'll just leave you with one more.
Pig tails on women over 50.  Unless your name is EllieMae and your last name is Clampet, you need to lose those things.  Fast.

No hard feelings, eh?      

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