Sunday, April 28, 2013

A blog buffet

I feel I need to catch y'all up on the excitement that has been taking place at the Altamore hacienda.  I hope you're not getting ready for bed right now because when you're finished reading about all the happenings in my life, you'll be so revved up you won't be able to sleep.  Sorry.

We've been talking about purging the basement for quite a while and last week, between raindrops, we turned and burned, baby.

My friend, Jo, let us borrow her truck.  Thanks, Jo.  This is the first load.  The reason the truck bed isn't overflowing is because I was the one that loaded this stuff in there while Petey was out running errands for me.  Look closely - it's all small stuff except those items leaning up next to the truck.  The long pieces of wood weren't heavy but it was dicey getting them out of the house without knocking over stuff on my way.
This is the second load.  You can't really tell but these items were heavier and bulkier.  This was done upon Petey's return.
This is our "dump."  Twice a year the city hauls out several dumpsters and people can bring their "bye-bye" items.  It's very cathartic.
Now for more excitement.  I didn't know if I should lead with this news first or second.  I really hope it doesn't get your blood pressure dancing.

I made pancakes from SCRATCH!  I know.  Aren't you impressed?
I saw this recipe on Pioneer Woman and had to try it:  sour cream pancakes.

The recipe made 8 small pancakes and one big-ass cake.  I was ready to be done and that's the reason for the big 'un.  We both yum yummed about them and they disappeared in two shakes of a little lamb's tail.

Made even tastier with local maple syrup.
  If you ignored my warning about reading this installment before bedtime, you're on your own.  Remember - I warned ya.

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