Sunday, March 17, 2013

Snowbird lunch

So have you ever heard of this restaurant?  Ruth's Chris.  Weird name, doncha think?  I think the first time we saw one was in Chicago and we could tell just by look at it from the outside and we couldn't afford the inside.

However we lucked out and scored two seats with the Snowbird group that had a special lunch rate.  There were 99 of us and guess who was the youngest couple there?  Yup, us.  We enjoyed ourselves and had very nice table mates.

A wall o' wine bottles.

Classy, eh?  I wore my best crop pants and the one nice shirt I brought with me.  Who knew we would have the opportunity to dine in a joint with white tablecloths?

It was another lovely day in Destin, Florida.  Thanks, Snowbirds. 

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