Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Destin decisions

Last year was our first time to stay in Destin.  Historically, we'd always gone to St.Pete.  Looking for a place to rent in our price range with the added restriction of a dog is challenging, however.

I simply could not find a place that fit us in St.Pete so I started looking around and found a condo in Destin.  

We arrived on a Friday last year to traffic on 98 that we were NOT used to and thought we'd made a grave error.  After a bit, Peter, took to it easily but I was not as sold as he and decided to just put up with it knowing it would be a "once and done" thing.

Hey!  What happened?  We came back for a second year.  I started out in the same vein - it's only a month, I can deal.  

A funny thing occurredthough.  The place has grown on me.  Yes, it's busy (although we found the "secret" road that parallels 98), and yes it's cooler than southern or even central FL (although not so much this year - we're all chilly), and yes, Destin, isn't really a "town" which is what I was missing but . . . It's cheaper (rentals) than central and southern FL - by a long shotWe only need to stop one night on the road as opposed as two nights to get further south.  The beach here is out-of-this-world.  The sand is white, white, white.

So, as much as we love St.Pete and love our friends down there even more, we're coming back to Destin next year.

The condo here fits us like a glove and our landlords (Hi, Todd/Chris) are great to work with.  We're close to everything which we love.  Some people prefer to spend time on a quiet island in the middle of nowhere.  We love hanging out within spittin' distance of Target, Fresh Market and a plethora of restaurants.

Yup, we'll be baaaaaack.  

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