Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I had a dream

As many of you know, my best friend, Sue, died 15 years ago.  Here's a link to the post marking that day.

 15 years ago today

I had a dream about her last night and it was wonderful because it was the first really good one I've had since she died.  The others (maybe only two) were fleeting glimpses; nothing of substance.

Last night I got to touch her arm and then we had a great big old hug.  She looked great.  I would say circa 30s.  And that smile.  None other like it.

When she walked into the room I made such a big deal about seeing her and she had a confused look on her face.  Like "what's all the excitement about?"

I've wanted to dream about Sue for so long but I guess you can't force that kind of thing.  I've had dreams of other friends (Marilyn and Dale Orr) and those were great too except they always ended the same way - me realizing that they were dead and then crying.  I didn't cry in this one with Sue, though.  Interesting.

I wish she'd visit me more often.  I sure miss her.  

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