Sunday, March 24, 2013


Yesterday was a wet one in Destin so we went to the huge outlet mall with everyone else in the universe and then ate at Joe's.  We dined with the same group of thousands that was at the mall.  They must have followed us.  I thought I heard someone say "hey, there's the Altamores.  I'll bet they're going to dinner and those two know how to eat.  Let's follow them."
This is the waiting room.  They told us it would be about 30 to 40 min. and asked for our cell phone number.  Huh?  Oh, I guess they call you when your table is ready.  So, naturally I had to search for my # since I don't know it by heart; hardly ever use the thing.  Then she said, "we'll send you a text."  Rut-ro.  We don't text.  A look of sympathy washed over her face - like "oh, you poor old thing."  No matter, they'll shout your name over the loud speaker so everyone in the joint will know how behind the times you are.  Look at everyone in this room.  Their heads are bowed and they're all playing on their Smart phones
The dining area was a blast.  Music and everyone was enjoying the hell out of themselves.  Periodically the music was pumped up and the staff would do a line dance in the middle of it all.
Petey had "The Third Coast Platter".  Crab stuffers in clam shells, red fish and dirty rice.

I had snapper stuffed with crab, dirty rice and asparagus.  Both dishes were outstanding.  Not a crumb left behind.  We are definitely going on some sort of starvation diet when we get home!
This was a special night.  I was celebrating 6 years since being diagnosed with breast cancer.  Don't we look cute?

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