Friday, March 29, 2013

Scenic 30A

Before we came down to Destin last year, Jim Wheat (local doc), told me to make sure we visited the communities along 30A.  It is off 98 and dotted with beautiful ($$$) places with names like Seaside and Water Color.  Our favorite is Seaside.

Yesterday, Mother Nature, gave us the green light so we jumped in the car early (to beat the masses) and scooted off to Seaside.

This area was filled with kids, parents and a few dogs.  Everyone was loving the weather throwing a variety of balls and eating cookies.  Well, maybe we were the only ones eating cookies.

These trailers/campers are the "restaurants" that line the street.  We bought sammies from the grilled cheese joint and sat at the  tables on the sidewalk.

Before lunch we walked across the street to gaze at the water/beach.

The neighborhood in Seaside that captured our interest last year is called Ruskin and it has a New Orleans feels. Heather, look closely at the sign above the door; this pic is for you.

This is Modica Market and it's near the park area I showed you earlier.  It's like a small Fresh Market.

We stood, drooling, at this display case so long the manager finally asked us to move along.  Not really.  We only bought cookies even though we really wanted a slab of any one of those cakes.

This pic reminds me of the old hardware store in Allegan.  Love the whole ladder thing.

Love the colors.  Love the graphic.  I did not buy it. 
  We will return to Seaside again next year.  It has a comfy feel.

This darling little shopping spot is a place we passed on our way to Seaside and decided to check it out on our way back to Destin.  It's in Grayton Beach. 

Petey was jonesin' for a Starbucks.

What a lovely day.  A great way to spend one of our last few days in Florida.

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