Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dewey Destin

Last year at the dog park a lady told me, "If you like seafood and you want old Florida, go to Dewey Destin."  It sounds like it's a place but it's not, it's a restaurant.  Nothing fancy, either, but it's on the water and the grub is good.

You can't see this place from 98 like you can so many restaurants down here in Destin.  You have to be instructed on how to get there.  I was cautioned, "when you turn on this itty bitty dirt road it will look like you're driving through a junk yard."  Yup.  Yes, sir, it surely does.  

The little two-track opens up to a dirt parking lot with several holes in it and this is what you see.

There's a new Dewey Destin ( I know, I see the apostrophe on the chalk board but I've never heard anyone say it) on 98.  A fancy lookin' joint but why go there when you can come here?
I don't remember these restrooms from last year.  Must be new.
This is where you place your order.  We went at lunch time because the wait in the evening can be quite lengthy.  You can also eat in this area but who wants to do that when you can eat . . .

 A few dolphins even came by to say "hey."  We were lucky to score a table outside.  I had to shove my way past a couple of boaters and there was some swearing going on but, hey, we got a table on the dock didn't we?  Just kidding about the shoving and swearing.  It colors up the story tho', doncha think?

We each got grouper sammies.

I was reminded via that their french fries were just ok so I subbed hush puppies ('pups) and was in heaven.  Petey did not heed my advice so I had to give him (grudgingly) one of mine; only one, mind you and he was half-way to heaven. 
We were thrilled that Mother Nature gave us such delightful weather so we could sit, gaze at the beautiful scenery and stuff those pups down our gaping mouths.  Sorry, not a pretty sight.

Until next year, Dewey Destin.

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