Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My newest obsession

I recently found a new author.  A mystery/thriller/quirky gal.  Her name is J.D.Nixon.  I found her with my Nook on the Barnes and Noble site.  She's from Australia and she mentions a cookie called a Tim Tam.

After finishing two of her books (I could not put them down) I started wondering about Tim Tams.  Does anyone remember the search for my favorite breath mints?  I tracked a retailer down several miles away and convinced Petey we needed to make a trip.
I bought an entire box.

So after Googling Tim Tams and revving up my curiosity - an obsession was born.

The internet told me that Target sells the US version made by Pepperidge Farm.  I was geeked because I go to Kalamazoo fairly often on freelance jobs.  Yesterday was the day.  I left a bit early and arrived at the store with time to spare.  It's a good thing, too, because after searching on my own, two Target peeps had to come to my rescue.  To no avail.  The shelf was empty.  Bummer.

Then I remembered that World Market was mentioned as a retailer.  Aha!  My time had run out, however, and I had to run off to my job.  Downtown.  World Market was in the opposite direction of my home so after the job, I called them to make sure they actually had the goodies before I drove out there.

Yes, indeedy, they had 'em.  You'll notice that you don't see the name Tim Tam on the package.  It has something to do with marketing them in the US; can't use that specific name.  So if you're looking for them at World Market, make sure to look for Arnott's.  Although if you ask the staff for Tim Tams, they'll lead you directly to the stash.

Did I enjoy them?  You be the judge.

The one on the top is the original; chocolate.  The next one is caramel.  The chocolate they're encased in is fabu, baby.  The wafers are crunchy.  Those were the only two kinds WM had so thankfully that's all I bought.  The price of $3.99 for a small amount was also a bit of a deterrent.  I'm looking forward to trying other flavors as they rotate through the store.

It doesn't take much to make me happy.    

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