Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day of Dance: 2013

Our local hospital, Allegan General, hosts several Spirit of Women events throughout the year.  One of them is called "Day of Dance" and we certainly did.

It ran for 3 hours yesterday afternoon and offered 30 minute sessions of:  Yoga, belly dancing, hip hop, Zumba, Jazzercise and Salsa, etc.

There were also health screening stations in the lobby of our high school performing arts center as well as informational booths set up along the hallways.

The afternoon began with two speakers who delivered "heart" felt speeches and then the sweating began.

   People registering and milling about before the fun begins. 
The Allegan General booth.  Hi, Shel!
The ItWorks! booth.  My sister, Lisa is a distributor.  That's not her, though.  That's Miss Pam, another IW lady.
A visual aid for "this is what happens to you if you don't take care of yourself."  Just kidding.  This was the kids station.  They could check vitals on a teddy bear.  Cute, eh?
My sister, Lisa, on the left who has apparently abandoned her ItWorks! booth and is hanging out with one of my all-time favorite women, Gerah - the Zumba instructor extraordinaire.

Now let's Jazzercise!  In the top picture the firecracker in the front is my instructor, Brenda.  In the back left is Denise who teaches in Otsego.  To the right of Brenda is Kim who teaches in Allegan as well and Kendra on the far right who kills the ladies in Plainwell.  You could not possibly find better instructors anywhere.

Here we are in the Zumba session.  Tons o' fun.  The instructors (my favorite, Gerbie-derbie) are amazing.  Full of energy.
I got in line for the massage area too late much to my disappointment.  I was soooo looking forward to the laying on of hands.  Oh, well.
    The afternoon came to a close.  Everyone looked like they had a great time thanks to, Jen Dentler, who is the Spirit of Women organizer.  I took my salt-encrusted body home and stood under the shower for a very long time.

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