Saturday, February 16, 2013

Birthday brunch

Today I went to a brunch at my friend, Jan's, house. Seven ladies gathered for wonderful food, to share memories of the birthday girl and laugh.

Our mutual friend, Sue, would have turned 63 today.  She died at age 47 back in 1997.  Those fifteen years have flown by and we all miss her like the dickens.

I posted this picture last October on the anniversary of her death but I think you need to see her smiling face again. 

                                 Fruit.  Isn't it pretty?  Tasted good, too.

                                Homemade bread with a very tasty jam.

The short one on the right is, Jan.  We were brunching in her home.  The lady with her is her daughter, Carrie.
                                               Egg and asparagus quiche. 

I'm guessing here but I believe this was a French toasty thing.  You'd think I'd know since I had two helpings.

Scenery break:  Jan and her husband, Bill, live on the Kalamazoo River.  It's a beautiful spot; very serene.

Melissa brought the cupcakes for Sue's celebration.  She would have loved seeing all our lips take on the icing color.

 These dishes were Sue's; Jan is the proud owner of them now.

This card was given to Jan by Sue back in 1995.  No truer words were ever spoken.

Happy birthday, Sue.

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