Sunday, October 28, 2012


 Did you think this blog was going to be about small birds?  hahaha, gotcha!
It was chilly on Friday afternoon but the sun was out and Petey has been wanting to go to Robinette's for days so we threw Augie in the back seat and took off.

 It's a 49 mile drive north of us but worth the trip.  We went a few years ago and enjoyed it so much we wanted to repeat the experience.  We also knew it was a good idea to not go on the weekend.  Several thousand people would be getting way to close for me.  There were still plenty o' people there but I didn't have to fight them off for candy corn. hehe

The first stop was the gift store. Cool wine stoppers, eh?

 Then the wine tasting bar.  Even though we don't drink wine (I think she could tell by looking at us that we were a couple of squares but that didn't stop her from being so, so very nice), the people there were having so much fun, I had to take their picture.

 These guys were seriously flirting with me.  It might look like they were "into" the ladies behind the bar but, no, it was all about me.  Seriously.

 This guy tried the flirting thing but, honestly, I'm not really into the old guys.

Here's just a sampling of their wine.  When your last name is Robinette, you might as well take advantage of it and run with it, eh?  Smart marketing tactic.

Then we went upstairs.  Fun stuff.  I love these wiggle pens.  I could easily visualize writing important papers and then whipping my pen up against the filing cabinet next to my massive desk and having the magnet do its thing.  Wait.  I don't have a massive desk or a filing cabinet.  But still . . .

  And who doesn't want/need a pop gun and a cowgirl hat?

 I absolutely love pop-up cards.  You don't see them very often anymore and there was a whole rack of them here.

Coolio night lights.

 Hay ride anyone?

There's Ms.Robinette giving instructions to the horses.  They don't appear to be listening.

 Here's Ms.Robinette again - with her prankster pal.  Notice the very tips of the rabbit ears behind the boss's head.  Very nice ladies.

 Apples for sale and all things made from and with apples for sale.

 They were making apple cider right on the premises.  How fresh can you get?

 OMG!  The caramel apples looked amazing.  Don't tell Ms.Robinette but I licked the tray those apples were sitting on.  Just kidding.  Not really.

Then we went next door to the bakery.  Dangerous territory.  The smell.  I wanted to bottle it.

I don't know how this ended up in front of me.  Must have been some sort of Halloween witch craft kinda thing.  But it was there and I didn't want to anger a witch this close to Halloween . . . so I ate it.

Apparently the same witch tempted Petey with an apple fritter.  He's such a push over.

So, if you have some time on your hands, get on up to Robinette's.  It a lovely place to hang out for a few hours.  Take the kids or your granny and make sure to say "hey" to Ms.Robinette.


  1. You are so sweet to blog about us! We enjoyed your visit. Thanks for the plug! Alicia Robinette

    1. You are entirely welcome, Alicia. It was our pleasure.

  2. I never have heard about this place...thanks for sharing. When we lived in the Richland, Gull Meadow Farms was just around the corner from us and they did a bang up Fall business with their apple orchards, hayrides, corn maze, etc.

  3. I love that place. Cousin Kay and I used to go at least once a year, but I haven't been in quite awhile. I sense a road trip coming!