Thursday, October 11, 2012

Am I Too Busy?

Or have I already, at the age of 63, used up most of the "remembering" space in my brain?

It gets down right scary sometimes.  Like this morning.  I took Augie for his monthly spa day.  I even arrived a few minutes early so we walked around the property (the groomer, Rene, lives in the country and it was a beautiful morning) until her other doggie customer left.  It was all good until Rene came outside to inform me that Augie's appointment was, indeed, tomorrow morning.  Ugh!

Also, this week, I discovered by happenstance that I'd totally forgotten about inviting Sue Richardson to participate in my open house next month.  She makes really cool things with paper.  I had absolutely no memory of ever having contacted her regarding this issue.  I was mortified!  Thankfully it all worked out but, again, ugh!

I have a calendar in plain site on the kitchen wall.  It even has big squares in it so I can write stuff in them.  I also have a color coding system for my freelance jobs.

In addition I keep a separate piece of paper pinned above the calender with the current week's appointments written on it.  It's my back up in case I forget to look at the damn calendar.

So apparently today I didn't look at either visual reminder.  OMG, what's it going to be like 10 years from now?  Do you suppose I can hire a young person to make daily reminder calls?

Maybe I'll go back up to the title - is it too late since I've already written about all the above faux pas to convince you that I'm just a very busy lady and that's why I can't remember shit?  It is?  Damn!


  1. I do not believe it is an age thing. More of a "my brain is so busy thinking of my other activities" thing. I got my kids ready for an appointment Tuesday only to find out that their appointments were Wednesday. Like you, the calendar clearly was marked Wednesday. Ugh. Maybe I just need to free up some brain space, stop thinking too much. Yeah right.

    1. Somebody slipped up - we need a "delete" button for our brains.

  2. LOL, Either a "delete" button or a "refresh" button :))