Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin carving competition

 Let the planning begin.  Michael is no stranger to pumpkin carving although it's been a while.  Rena, on the other hand, is a complete "newbie."  See how she's checking out his pre-planning sketch?  Game on!

I was surprised to see how Rena made that first cut for her pumpkin lid.  I was never that creative; mine was always a boring circular thing. 

Here they are drawing in the all-important design.  Another thing I never did.  Who needs a plan?  Grab the knife and start cutting!  This younger generation, I tell ya.

 Peter brought out a little kit with small carving utensils; I brought out the kitchen knives.

 Don't let their smiles fool you, the competition was fierce.  See how Rena peeled off the teeth of her pumpkin above?  When I complimented her on the idea, Michael tried to see what we were talking about.  Rena guarded her creation like a mother bear protects her young cub.

 Michaels' finished product.  I see some teeth-peeling going on here.  Must be he did peek.

 Rena's.  Notice the blood?  Pretty cool for a "newbie" eh?

 All lit up.  hmmmm, who do you think deserves first prize?


  1. They are both outstanding pumpkins.. How nice that you have Mike and Rena visiting. Enjoy your time with them. Joyce

  2. Wow - I love these - Glad I get to see them in person soon