Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello, October!

Last month was outstanding and I'm hoping for more of the same in October.  I love October.  The crisp mornings and chilly evenings and the sunny skies accompanied by dry air.  If all that happens.  It can be wet and miserable and sometimes - the cruelest of all - snow.  There's nothing more pathetic than watching the kidlets come to your door on Halloween wearing their winter coats over their costumes.

Oops, I forgot the large font.  There ya go.

The other day my friend, Jo, called and wondered if Petey and I would like to drive out to the "farm" with her and take a "walk in the woods."  

 This is Ralph's chair.  Ralph was Jo's dad.  What a cool guy he was.  He and my dad were pals.

 It's easy to see the tranquility that exudes from this place.  Quiet and serene.

We talked about hauling this picnic table out of the brush and having a sit-down but decided it would be too much work.

The contrast in colors is what makes Michigan the best place to be in the fall.

Jo and I have been friends since kindergarten.  Aren't we lucky?  Not many people get that experience.  Small town livin' at its best.

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  1. Michigan is the BEST for Fall. I love it too. Very nice to have such a pretty place to walk and soak it all in.