Sunday, October 7, 2012

Changes in the "driving department."

Living here in Allegan, if you want to have a change in the restaurant or shopping scene you need to either go north (Grand Rapids) or south (Kalamazoo).  GR is really only about 10 minutes longer than Kazoo but it has always felt way longer.  Hence, we don't make that trip often.

The reason/s I'm talking about this is/are two-fold.  It used to be, in our younger days, that we never gave distance a thought.  Often times after a work day we would jump in the car and go to Kalamazoo for a movie or something to eat or check out stuff at the mall.

I've noticed that we still talk about it.  We even get in the car with that intention and somewhere near the outskirts of town we morph into Plan B:  eat at Applebee's (11 miles away) and then go to Meijers (next to Applebee's) for some retail therapy.  Pathetic, eh?  We're old.

The feeling really old when it comes to the driving thing is the second part of this two-fold blog.  Driving after dark.  That one is recent - for both of us.  We really don't like it.  Even in familiar areas.  Holy cow, it's very limiting.

It wouldn't be so bad if we lived in either of the above named cities but we don't.  As much as I love living in Allegan there are way less choices to pick from.

The driving after dark thing, I think, comes from the fear of hitting a deer.  There are a lot of those "Bambis" around here.  It can't just be that we are truly senior citizens now . . . is it? 


  1. I love reading your stories! As you know I don't write much on my blog at all ;)


    1. I'm glad you enjoy my blog, Astrid. Don't worry about not writing much on yours; as long as you keep posting all those beautiful beads, I'm happy.