Friday, October 19, 2012

All Bridge Mix is not created equal

Do you like Bridge Mix?  I certainly do.  I'm not positive (about anything anymore) but I believe my paternal grandparents introduced me to Bridge Mix as a kid.  Thanks so much, Grandma and Grandpa B.

I try not to make a habit of buying it because whatever the quantity, I will eat it until it's gone.  I did that recently.  As I age, however, I have found that a half pound doesn't settle in like it used to.  What does, eh?

Anyway, a while back I was rewarding myself for doing something spectacular although I can't exactly remember what it was but it must have been fantastic because I sprung for the "high end" Bridge Mix from Something Sweet downtown.  

This delightful mixture is worth every single cent of the $14.00 per pound.  Humongous nuts, several varieties and the chocolate is top notch.

Not into that price range?  Take a walk down the block to Huff's (ok, so it's called Springrove Variety now, I'm still calling it Huff's) and get some of their Bridge Mix.  They used to carry Brach's but they started buying from another company called Old Dominion.  I hope that's the right name.  I swear I was going to remember so I didn't write it down but that was a whole four days ago.  Jeez, what did you expect?  Anyway, Lynn Huff, told me she thought it was better than the old Brach's.  So I tried some.  Ok, a half pound!

 You know what?  She was right!  This particular Bridge Mix sells for $4.00 a pound.  Mighty, mighty tasty.  That's a sale price for this month but the "real" price is very affordable although I can't remember what it is.  Dang it!  Should have taken notes.

So, my next stop (I did not do this all in one day) was the grocery store.  I had to finish out my survey with a bag of Brach's.  Guess what?  They don't make it anymore.  Another company bought them out.

Not nearly as good as the other two.  Don't bother.

So where do you go for your Bridge Mix if you happen to be jonesin' for some and you happen to be in downtown Allegan?  Flip a coin and then maybe take a peek inside your wallet.  They're both good.  Each one has something special to offer.

I think I'll be an equal opportunity Bridge Mix buyer from now on and switch back and forth.  Just not too often.  I can't afford to grow out of my jeans.

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  1. I have memories of eating Bridge Mix (and turtles)at my grandparents too. Thanks for the tip on this new mix at Huff's.