Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Are you in love . . .

. . . with a purse?  If you're a guy, don't stop reading because while I'm typing, I'm also trying to think of a way to tie you into this subject too.
For right now, though, let's talk purses.  I'm not obsessed with them.  I don't change purses like my underwear; I have a summer purse and a winter purse.
I am picky, however.  It has to be big enough so all my stuff will fit into it but not like a small suitcase.  Too tough on the shoulders.
One year my sister-in-law gave me a beautiful, leather Dooney and Burke purse for Christmas.  It was really, really nice but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay toooooooooo smaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.  OMG, it drove me insane; turned my world upside down.  I tried.  I really tried but it just wouldn't work. 
Straps have driven me nuts for years.  99% of purses come with two (2) handles/straps.  I've had long ones and short ones and none of them have made me happy.
This year, while in Florida, I was on a purse quest - I wanted to find one with one (1) strap.  Nada.  Nuttin', honey.  I gave up and bought a colorful, summery-looking purse and told myself I was ok with it.
And I was - until I saw this one last weekend.
It's very coolio looking.  Light weight and plenty 'o room in there for everything. And - one strap and that sucker is adjustable.  I'm in love with it.  I love it so much I thought I could easily carry it all year long because I think the color will go nicely with all the seasons here in Michigan.
My neighbor, Heather, who knows about that kinda thing told me, rather quickly I might add, that in no uncertain terms, I could not haul it around all - year - long.  We decided I'd get one just like this one - in black.  Thank you, Heather, for keeping me from committing a huge fashion error.  Whew.
Now for you guys:  there must be stuff that you love.  Wallets?  Baseball caps?  Sneakers?  Help me out here, gentlemen.  I don't know what you are passionate about.
Ladies: how do you feel about your purses.  Are you toting one that you love?


  1. Leslye Wilson BursonMay 31, 2012 at 12:41 AM

    Ofcourse !!! ... also do not like to switch purses, so I have one for Spring/Summer and one for Fall/Winter. A couple of years I carried only a small black backpack and I REALLY enjoyed that until a friend said I looked "too Asheville" (that refers to Asheville, NC) ... so out with the granola -look and back to the southern-belle look !!!

  2. Les - I can see you chucking that backpack like it was on fire. ha!

  3. Seriously? While I had suspected we were related prior to this post I KNOW WE ARE NOW.

    I have a very similar Haiku bag that I picked up in Oregon. They are awesome, very well made, and funky fun with plenty O'pockets for plenty O' things. You'll love it long time. :)

    Be thankful I can't attach a photo to a comment, or I'd be showin mine to ya right now. Because our taste? It is the same.

  4. Maybe there is a reason we didn't meet up in Destin last March, Juls. I'm not sure the panhandle could take us together.

  5. Teehee! Glad I could be help. I can't imagine life with just one handbag--they are too much fun. I can't wait to see what you pick for your "winter" bag. I think you should seriously consider spring, summer, fall and winter bags. Now I am off to Haiku's website...just to LOOK.

  6. Oh, Bliss, 4 bags a year? That would push me right over the edge.

  7. Just catching up on your blogs, and must say I've never been into purses at all! Have always just hauled around the biggest bag I could find in order to carry everything I own. Then I happened to notice the Baggallinis down at the Community Pharmacy. Bought a nice SMALL one, and I'm loving it! There are pockets for everything, and even a zipper compartment that serves as a wallet! The true test is coming up--will I be able to stand using it for our three-week trip to California? (Oh, and Ellen? Only one strap!)

  8. Ann - I saw those Baggalinis and even tried shoving my stuff in one hoping it would all fit. Nope. They're nice, though. I'll be interested to see how it "travels" with you.