Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Holiday Door Decorations

While walking Augie the other day I saw a house in town with one of those plastic door covers showing the fat man himself - Santa!  Really?  IT'S MAY for cryin' out loud.
Are you one of those people who can't manage to take down your door decorations in a timely manner?  Is it because it's been there so long that you just don't see it anymore?  The Christmas stuff seems to have real staying power.  I'll give you January.  Maybe you went away for the holidays or you're still hung over but if the wreath is still there on Valentine's Day - I'm calling the cops.
The outdoor lights are another issue.  I get not taking them down afterward because the weather can really get in the way. Many people just leave them up year round; particularly people in really big houses - but maybe could ya find the plug and pull it so that they're not twinkling and blinking all friggin' night long?
There is another group of people that rush the holidays.  Scarecrows in late September and reindeer  in the windows overshadowing the poor pumpkins at Thanksgiving. 
I feel sorry for Turkey Day.  Ill placed.  Coming on the heels of all that candy at Halloween and trying to compete with toy soldiers and candy canes; doesn't seem fair.  I mean, those Pilgrims suffered for their meal and the Indians should get more accolades for being so friendly.  Maybe we could get a petition going to put it in another month.  Which one do you think would be appropriate?
Oh, and how about the Christmas music.  One year it was still playing at our local grocery store way after Santa had left the building.  I nicely mentioned to the manager that the "fa-la-la" was inducing thoughts of strangling an elf and the poor guy confessed he couldn't figure out how to turn it off.  That was a rough year.
Christmas is probably the worst offender but let us not forget Easter - plastic eggs hanging from the bushes and bunnies everywhere - next to the tulips and daffodils.  Shamrocks for several weeks after St.Patrick has gone back to Ireland.  Uncle Sam and the red/white/blue bunting still hanging off porches when Labor Day rolls around.
I could probably go on but I have some errands to run. 

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