Thursday, May 3, 2012

Still Getting Pimples

What's up with pimples in your 60s?  Come on.  Didn't I suffer enough in my teens?  I have to clarify the teen years, though.  No matter what my sister, Lisa, will tell you (she called me "Pimple Garden" - nice, eh?) I did not have a face constantly full of zits.  Yes, the T-zone was troublesome but not life threatening.
Ok, I get that.  Those years for many of us were spent in front of the mirror examining the horror.  I remember having what looked like a volcano ready to erupt in college on my chin.  I was sure it had to be something seriously serious so I went to the campus doc.  I would estimate that man's age to be in the mid-eighties (probably off by a decade or two but I was 18 - what did I know) and his hands had a slight tremor.  I should have turned tail but I didn't - I stayed for his form of torture.  He drove a needle right down into the volcano!!!  What the hell?  Where did that guy get his medical degree from?  Or - did he even have one?  I may have over-dramatized this experience a bit - I was 18 - but that's how I remember it.
Fast forward right past menopause.  Ahhhh, no more periods, every gal's dream come true.  Hot flashes and dry skin are certainly the down side but NO MORE PERIODSI just assumed that pimples were going to accompany "the curse" on their way out of my life but . . . . .
I was going to show you a closer look but you would have also been treated to a trip up my nasal passage and who needs that, eh?  I know what you're seeing slightly above my lip and near the corner of my mouth (in case you're having trouble locating the offender) is not horrid but I'm 63 years old now!  I should have taken the picture a day before when it was worse.  Or I could have taken a picture of the one I had last week at the entrance to that nasal passage I mentioned but that would have been too gross.  You're welcome.
Aren't you glad I don't have hemorrhoids?


  1. LOL! Yes, very thankful.

    I shuddered with your "accurate" description of how that doctor treated your offending eruptions. Ridiculous! I have never been prone to break-outs, even as a teen, just one here and there around "that time" but that is rare now.

    You look amazing at 63!

  2. Think of it as still having "youthful" skin!

  3. Good point, Stace. That's why you're the older and wiser sister.

  4. I like you sisters comment, and your do look amazing at 63!

  5. My friend Sharon used to say, "pimples make you look young"!