Sunday, May 13, 2012

Care to Talk About Your Eating Habits?

Are you a picky eater?  Never touch anything green?  Do you put A-1 on a perfectly good steak?
My husband used to work with a guy that would eat one thing on his plate at a time - completely consume the potatoes before moving on to the chicken, finish that up and then the brussel sprouts, etc.  Odd.
When I was a kid I didn't like my food touching.  I used my silverware as shims to make sure the juice from the beets didn't run into the mashed potatoes.  I'm mostly ok with food touching now - mostly.  If there was something cold on my plate - like those beets I was talking about - and I also had pot roast with gravy next to them - I would need a shim for sure.  Otherwise, hot with hot is ok.  Hot with cold is a huge no-no.
My likes changed radically as I grew into adulthood.  I used to put ketchup on everything to disguise the taste.  Now I rarely use it.
I also remember walking into the kitchen when mom was making acorn squash and immediately starting to gag.  Same with brussel sprouts.  We had to at least try everything - never forced to finish though.
I can't think of anything I don't like to eat now - well, except sushi.  Had a bad experience my first time.  I may revisit that at a future date - way, way, way in the future.
I was lucky with my son who will eat anything.  Now that he's been living in foreign lands I'm sure he has eaten anything and everything.
When Peter and I were a young married couple we had several discussions about food.  We came from very different backgrounds.  No gravy at Thanksgiving at his family table!  I know - thank goodness for my non-Italian brother-in-law who set them straight.  Peter also wasn't much for veggies except peas and corn.  And forget onions.  It took me several years but I finally got him to cross over into the dark side and he eats everything now.
The only difference of opinion we have left is - small chunks versus large chunks.  If he had it his way the salad would be chopped, just like the Outback serves.  Well, guess who's doing the chopping?  Right.  No thanks.  I prefer large pieces.  That's what the knife next to your plate is for . . . chop it yourself.
So, now's your opportunity to comment.  I know there's some weird stuff happening out there and you know how I love weird.


  1. I always eat pie one layer at a crust,filling,then bottom crust.I've never thought it weird ,but I like the flavors seperate.

  2. Leslye Wilson BursonMay 14, 2012 at 1:47 PM

    Shims ????? OMG....that is hilarious !!!! It ALL mixes after the first swallow. !!! Too funny Ellen !!

  3. I eat anything that anyone else cooks & cleans up !!!

  4. Les - that "it all mixes up" shit is what I would hear from my parents every time I got out my shims.

  5. I'm sure that you remember our lunch in Florida. I have VERY explicit instructions when I order a hamburger! By the time she finished writing my order I think that the waitress had finger cramps.

  6. Oh, Jane, don't think for a minute that we haven't laughed (behind your back) about your burger instructions several times since FL.

    I have to add a p.s. here regarding my son. As I said, he'll eat anything. We had a Skype call this morning from him and he told us he'd had food poisoning so bad that his girlfriend had to take him to the hospital. The culprit? Probably bamboo larva. That's WORMS, folks. FRIED WORMS! Apparently this dish is eaten by many in Thailand. Musta been a bad worm, eh? Gag, yuck.

  7. I have a "friend" that eats all his small, imperfect potatoe chips first and saves the perfectly formed ones for last. I guess as a 'reward' for eatting all of his chips? I once stole a huge beautiful chip from his plate before he could get to it and have never heard the end of it!

  8. Rena would like me to clarify that the deep-fried larvae, grasshoppers, beetles etc. are not eaten by many people in Thai and it's a kind of fringe novelty food. But I do maintain it's delicious.

  9. My Fillipino workmates tell me that dog is very delicious and, though I am a dog lover and don't feel I can cross that line yet, the amount of cantankerous strays around here is edging me to give that a try too. Starting with the first dog that tries to bite me. It's only fair to reciprocate at that point.