Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dinner Club

Petey and I belong to a dinner club.  Those of you who know me well are smiling right now because you know how much I don't like to cook.  If you've been reading along, I blogged about that a while back in a "kitchen" post.
No one in the group (there are 6 couples) can remember exactly how many years we've been together.  Every now and then the subject comes up - we start doing the math and then get distracted.  It's a chore.
Last night we assembled at Rosie and Tom Hunter's home.  Just to give you an idea of the lovely setting - here are two pictures: the potting shed (I could move in tomorrow) and the pond (which Petey covets with every fiber of his being).

Hotdogs and hamburgers could have been served in this setting and no one would have cared.  Isn't it beautiful?  Dogs and burgers were not on the menu last night, however.
Sometimes we have a theme for dinner which is left up to the hosts.  We've had:  come as your favorite TV character from the 50s, cowboy night, good/evil night (that time Tom and Rosie came as a two-headed baby), and many, many more.  This crowd will run with anything you throw at them.
We always dine in the home of one of the couples; rotating 6 times a year.  One time we tried to go out which was embarrassing because we're very loud and the manager of the restaurant had to ask us to turn it down a notch or six.  Must have been when we burst into song which happens often.
We also have trouble taking turns when it comes to sharing a thought or story.  Imagine at least 6 different conversations going on at the same time.  Not for the faint of heart.
A while back someone brought a "talking stick" with them and thought that might solve the problem.  Yeah, that lasted about three minutes which in "dinner club time" converts to a decade.  Must be someone was in the bathroom. 
No people pictures in this post because my battery died before I got everyone and I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling (Jim and Becky) so you'll just have to imagine how terrific we all looked last night, eh?
In closing (I sound like a keynote speaker, don't I?) I must tell you how much fun we have had over the years with this crew.  Good friends and good food is a combo that simply can not be beat.


  1. Good friends = good times. We have some friends we try to go to dinner with is always a good time.

  2. I would love to get my hands on the plans for his potting shed. Any chance of you talking him into releasing a few pdf's of this?

    1. Tom Hunter lives here in town. You can reach him by phone at home or at his store, Hunter's.