Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Florida mind game

We've been going to Florida for some "get me the hell out of here" time during the winter since I retired in 2006.

Just this year I noticed something and I call it "The Florida Mind Game."

It's all about clothing purchased in Florida that you believe looks fantastic on you and will, obviously, look just that wonderful when you put it on in June when you're back in MI and the frigging snow has finally melted.

But . . . that's not always the case.

Maybe it's because there wasn't a decent mirror at the farmer's market when I bought that darling sleeveless summer dress.

Or maybe it was because the over zealous salesperson at J.Jill had me convinced that the sleeveless top made me look thin and young.

That last part isn't really true - the thin and young thing.  She didn't really say that but it was intimated.
I've only worn the famer's market dress once.

The J.Jill top?  No one has seen that one on me.


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I will be very cautious when buying clothes on the road!!! You probably just need to take that darling dress back to FL this winter where you will be a knockout!!!