Friday, August 29, 2014

Learning to back up

Not back off.  I've never learned that one.  I'm talking about backing up in the car.
Do you use your mirrors for that task?
I never have - I always do the "total twist" to move in reverse.
The twisting is becoming more and more challenging as I move through life.
Petey has always done the mirror thing and, so far, hasn't bashed into the side of the house.
I recently decided I should practice backing up with the mirrors before I reach a point where I have to.
It hasn't gone well.  The other day I was wondering what my neighbors across the street must think when they see me.
"Is she drunk?  Did she have a stroke?" There's a lot of braking and weaving.
Our driveway is rather long so it's a good place to practice but it's a bit embarrassing.
Didn't they teach that skill in driver's ed. back in the 60s?


  1. Ellen you should come use our driveway, it's x4 times the length of yours and pin straight. There isn't really any neighbors that can watch you just me with the trust Iphone video recorder!

    1. I just might take you up on your offer one of these days, kid.