Sunday, September 28, 2014

A New Catalog

Here we are in the midst of fall - and let me just say, this has been a spectacular fall so far.
I'm sure I am no different from anyone else when it comes to . . .
what the hell is going on with my wardrobe?
I start looking at what I have in preparation for the temperature dip and I hate everything.  Ok, some of it doesn't seem to fit like it did last year - I have no idea what happened there - but I need to supplement - big time. 
Now comes the hard part.  Where do I go and what do I buy?
I hate shopping.  I hate squeezing into a small dressing room with rude lighting and, obviously, distorted mirrors.
I'm a catalog gal.  I like to see pictures of women with the clothes on; not a hanger with a shirt draped over it.
I'm coming to the point of this particular blog - are you ready?
I want a catalog for women over 60 years of age who are between 5 feet and 5 feet 4 inches tall and are carrying 15 extra pounds.
Oh, and the catalog must feature stylish clothing - not grandma stuff. Nothing wrong with grandmothers.  I don't happen to be one so don't think I'm disparaging that particular group - it was the only example I could come up with.  You understand, right?
Just because we're collecting social security and carry a Medicare card doesn't mean we don't care how we look.
I can't wear high heals but I sure as hell don't need a shoe with velcro . . . yet.
Where is that catalog?  I have money and I'm not afraid to spend it!

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