Monday, September 8, 2014

Oh, my achin' everything!

I may or may not have written about this last year and the year before and the one prior to that, etc. but as much as I enjoy the hell out of myself working the gate at the fair - it's got my backside dragging.
It's not like I'm working in the barns lifting bales of hay.
I'm standing in my little booth taking money from people.  By the end of my shift, I'm all in.  Dogs are barkin'.
The other interesting thing that happens, at least to me anyway,  I can't speak for the other "gate keepers," is the need to eat.
It's like when you take a long car trip and you're breaking out the snacks after an hour and a half on the road.
I was eating caramel corn at 9a the other day!!!
Today is #4 and I have only had one nasty person come through my gate.  Have you ever had the pleasure of bumping into someone who seemed to have been born angry?  That was her.
99% of the people that I see every day up there are pleasant.  They ask me how I'm doing, tell me how beautiful I am and offer marriage.  Ok, that last part wasn't exactly true but you get my drift.
Even when the tractor pull had to be cancelled because of horrific weather.  Even when the Lady Antebellum concert was cancelled due to a medical emergency, people were still nice and understanding.
It can be really hot in those tiny booths or cold as the dickens and when it rains, pretty dang miserable but this is my 9th year and I'm sure I'll be back for #10.


  1. can you not take a stool (high-low) to rest your feet & back ?

    1. We have stools with backs but the booths are so small and we have so much equipment (laptop, ticket scanner, charge card ticket machine) in them now that it's easier (for me) to shove the stool away and stand.
      I can sit when it's not busy but otherwise, I be standin'!