Sunday, September 21, 2014

Secret Places Tour, 2014

Last year we went on the first Secret Places tour in downtown Allegan.  We climbed stairs and peeked into dark places.
It was so much fun we decided to do it again this year.

Stairs.  A lot of them.  Oh, look - my toes photo-bombed!

Exposed brick and a metal ceiling.

I thought these old locks were cool until Petey pointed out the fact that we have a few in our house.

More old metal.  The designs were so vintage.

This is the wonderful staircase inside the above building.

Original marble.

I wanted this doorknob.  Wish I'd thought to bring a screw driver with me.

Check out the windows.  Great light, eh?

More metal but this ran along the baseboard.

Heat vent.

Good thing I wore my comfy sandals.  More stairs.

Wow, how'd you like to repair this ceiling?

Wonder if this still works?

I stood next to this radiator for a good ten minutes.  Nothin'!

Our dime store legacy.  The Huff men.

A view of our "main drag" from one of those big windows.

Wouldn't you expect to see the Mickey Mouse Club on the screen if this thing actually worked?

Yikes!  Where's the Ajax???

Not big on closets but plenty o' cabinets for this old office.

I love the old transoms. It had to get pretty dang hot on the second floors.  Air needed to flow however possible.

I made Petey piggy-back me up this flight.  Just kidding.

I don't know how far back this wallpaper goes but I'd hazard a guess . . . 1930s?

The children's museum is raising funds to refurbish this building for their new home.

Gonna need busloads of bills for this job.

More tin ceilings.

Petey thought since he carried me up the last staircase, I should reciprocate.  I declined.

The old power plant.

Don't look for captions defining this stuff.  My eyes glazed over when our guide (hi, Gary) began his spiel.

That looks complicated.

No clue.

A big wheel???

Another big thing.

I think this one is somehow related to that thing in the above picture.  Don't quote me, tho'.

Dials.  I like dials.

We had to dodge a few raindrops but otherwise, Mother Nature, smiled down on us.  She knew how tired we'd be after dragging ourselves up all those stairs.
Thanks, mom.


  1. Ellen, Where is that blue house located ? Wish I could have been along for the tour !

    1. Brenda - if you're standing in the street (be careful) in front on the Presbyterian Church, it's on the corner to your right.