Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's "Fair Eve"

If you don't live in Allegan County (poor you) you won't understand what the Allegan County Fair means to us.  Well, most of us.
My friend, Jo, stopped by for a chat today (known her since kindergarten) and she was geeked because she'd just picked up her pass for all 9 glorious days of the fair. 
We reminisced about "fair anticipation" during our childhood summers.  Doing as many little odd jobs around the house as possible - "dad, how about I shine those shoes for ya.  Mom, would you like me to pull the weeds in the flower beds?"
Saving every quarter to spend (hopefully sneaking in first) at the fair on rides and french fries.
I had to break it to Jo that not everyone in town was as fair-crazy as she was.  A look of shock came over her face that quickly changed into confusion.
Yes, it's true.  Not everybody flocks to the fair like we do.  They don't start salivating at the first whiff of grease.
Tomorrow is day one followed by eight more.
Then it's "fair let-down" for some of us. 
I'm working the front gate again this year so I'll be there everyday anyway.
Tons o' fun . . . mostly.

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