Thursday, October 2, 2014

A trip to Muncie

Everyone pretty much knows I'm an insanely enthusiastic fan of the best Blues singer around, EG Kight.
Petey and I drove down to Muncie, IN for a concert at Ball State.  This one, our fourth, was with EG's pal, Lisa Biales; a wonderful voice from Ohio.
The acoustics at Pruis Hall were amazing and the intimate setting was almost "living room-ish."
The icing on the cake was the weather.  It was less than desirable on the way down and we were mighty glad we packed the big umbrella.  But - as we neared Muncie, the clouds disappeared and the temps started to rise.
We didn't need the umbrella but we could have used our sandals and shorts.
Ball State's campus is beautiful and with the sun shining and the smell of fall wafting about - it could not have been better.
We stayed at the university hotel on the 3rd floor of the student center.  Very, very nice.  Clean and quiet with a great view of the campus.  I would highly recommend it.

The shower curtain in our bathroom.  Cool, eh?

View from our room.

Apparently this is the spot to propose to your "intended."

The bells ring every 15 minutes.  A melodic sound.

We went into several buildings and the details -  oh, my.

My mom's birth year.  Everyone seems to be very proud of their campus and they should be!

Ball State really pulls in some wonderful entertainment.  I'll be bookmarking their site for the future.  Johnny Mathis played there last night.

Rubbing this little one's nose was supposed to bring good "academic" luck.  So many students rubbed it that they wore it down to nuthin'!  She was then moved further into the fountain and out of reach with her new nose. 
  And then the reason we came to Muncie.

Two guitars.  Two voices moving together filled the room.  Fun lyrics, emotion packed ballads.  
I was smiling (and tearing up) from 3rd row center.


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