Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I've been busy - rollin', rollin', rollin'.

I've made a big decision recently.  I'm definitely done melting glass and fully into rolling paper into beads.
It took me a while to come to a final decision but it was time.
It feels right.
I gathered a lot of information and guidance on paper bead making from the internet and jumped in with both feet.
I have a few tools now to make the process a little easier and I'm having a ball.
Check out the following pictures of some of my new pieces.

These beads came from paint swatches.  I'm very fond of Dutch Boy.  Crayola is another favorite.  I'm sure the staff in that department wonder what the hell I'm up to.  I'll have to start wearing disguises to throw them off.

My pal, Alva, brought me a stack of very old sheet music.  The colors are so vintage.

More sheet music.  I could only find one that was dated.  1943. 

So far I have prided myself on not buying any paper but this stuff caught my attention and I couldn't resist.

More music.  I love the shades of gray.

I might have passed "captivated" and am now in full blown "obsessed."  This music has got a "hold on me."

These are all from a travel booklet from my friend, Joann.
So you're all caught up on my "thing."
Are you as excited as I am?  Ok, maybe not quite as much but a little?   

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