Sunday, August 10, 2014

Funny word choice

I usually wake up around 6:15 every morning.  I refuse to get up at that time because the coffee doesn't start brewing until 6:30.  There's no point in dragging myself out of bed before the coffee is ready is there?
Now you're asking yourself "why doesn't she just set the coffee to do its thing at 6a so it will be there waiting for her when she wakes up at 6:15?"
I'm pretty darn sure if I did that - I'd wake up at 6 then and that's just too friggin' early to start my day.
So I just lie there thinking.  Sometimes I plan my day and sometimes I sing songs in my head.  I don't want to disturb Petey.
And most of the time, I fall back to sleep.
Which brings me to the reason for this blog.
Were you wondering when I was finally going to make my point?
"Fall":  other than the obvious meanings for this word - autumn and tumbling down the stairs - it is used in a few weirdo ways that I find interesting.
Like - falling asleep.  "I didn't fall asleep until 2am."  "I was falling asleep when the phone rang."
Or how about - fall in love.  "She fell in love with him at first sight."
And - fall for it; like in gullible.  "I told him I'd had that sweater for years and he fell for it."
Last one - fall in line.  It has a military connotation but is used in business, etc. as well.  "Henry wasn't keen on the new program but finally fell in line and it's a go." 
I could go on and on but you get this, right?
Spend a little time after you finish reading this fascinating topic and come up with a few of your own.
You're a bright bunch.

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