Sunday, August 24, 2014

When the connection breaks.

Yesterday was a bad internet day in, what we thought, was the Altamore house.
We felt sooooo much better when we found out last night we weren't alone.
Misery loves company.
We had moments of connect-ability but most of the day was a "day without internet."  
It's like a day without sunshine.
I love having the world at my fingertips.  If I want access to really important info like . . . what's up with that actress's eye on NCIS?  Or how to safely clean my keyboard without causing huge problems - there's my trusty 'puter and answers at my fingertips.
About three quarters through the mess, we had to leave the house and forage for food - we were so frustrated.
Just before we left the house I experience a short, very short, moment of "was life simpler before the world opened up to us?"
I have about 2 seconds of patience when there's a techy problem going on but thankfully, "Petey the pitbull" with tenacity by the busload hangs in there looking for a solution.  
It's a new day and we're back on track with internet moving like shit through a goose.
Thank you to whoever made that happen.