Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Other Cousin

We've seen our McDonald cousins fairly often over the past couple of years.  They live in Dearborn and their father is our mom's brother.
Apparently we saw them one too many times and our other cousins, the McFarlands, found out about it.
Their mom was our dad's sister.
Our one cousin, Barb, actually lives closer than the McDonalds.  She's just north of here and lives on a beautiful lake.  
So . . . we should be up there every other week, right?
And they (Barb and her husband, Steve) have a boat.  Maybe weekly visits are in order, eh?
Usually Barb's sister, Betsy, joins the festivities but she was at her summer home in Maine and didn't think we were worth traveling back to Michigan for.  I guess she has her priorities messed up.
Those 2 ladies have a brother named, Bruce, who moved to Florida some years ago and no one has seen since.  I'm kidding.  If you go there - you will see him.  Don't wait for him to come up here though.  Not gonna happen.
So yesterday, Peter, Lisa and I packed up some chow and scooted up to Newaygo for the afternoon.
It was a lovely day and the boat ride was dreamy.
We had a yummy lunch sitting by the water's edge and I saw my first Loon!
Every time we leave Barb and Steve's we say the same thing: "we need to do this more often for cryin' out loud.  You're only 90 min. away."
See ya next year, cuz.


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