Sunday, September 15, 2013

The fair parade

Our fair parade is a great parade.  We have everything you could ever want in a parade:  horses, marching bands and beauty queens.
It's a huge event here in town.  People line the streets; many houses along the route host parties.  Children sit on the curbs and catch candy, fill their bags and have a ball.

Here they come!

City dignitaries.

Our fire chief.

These guys are friends of ours.  Not the mules - the Tillers.

The crazy blonde Zumba instructor in the middle is also a friend.  Hi, Gerbie!

This old tractor is pulling the "pooper scooper" crew.  Have to clean up after all those horses and mules, ya know.

That's Miss Manure.  Isn't she . . . um . . . pretty?

Our community players.

One of our area bands had to come to a standstill so I took advantage and got a good shot of the cutest tuba player.

Our hospice float. 

Allegan's marching band.  See the drum major on the left?  I kept shouting his name but he wouldn't look my way.  He's serious about his job.

Demo-derby cars.  It's a big deal for the last night of the fair.

I'm not sure about this one and the two above but the crowd sure loved them. 

Certainly one of the reasons our parade is touted as the largest county fair parade in the universe is we have trucks, baby.  We have semi-trucks, tow trucks and fire trucks.  Tons o' trucks.

 We had great weather this year.  It was a little dicey earlier in the day but Mother Nature must be a big parade fan because the skies cleared and we cheered.

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  1. Felt like I was there - without the candy