Sunday, September 22, 2013


The Jaycees put on the Oktoberfest last night along the riverfront downtown.  What a perfect place for the event.  Yes, it was September and not October but we were fine with that.

This group of Jaycees is a hard workin' crew.  I've seen them working their backsides off at the Relay for Life and the fair, just to name a few.  We're very lucky to have such dedicated youngins here in Allegan.

We arrived too late to hear much from this group but I was captivated by the hair of the guy second from the right.

The arts council was raising money (by selling headbands with little alien heads attached which bobbed as one gestured) to paint over a wall which has an outdated mural on it.  The locals refer to the old mural as the "alien baby wall."  You'd have to see it to really understand but, take my word for it, it needs to go.

Beer was being served.  Imagine that!

Brats were being grilled.  I understand they were TDF.

It was cool last night but not so much that a person would turn down frozen yogurt.

I guess I never realized how cool looking
beer taps were - the one on the right is
shaped like a canoe.  I'm not sure why
the hat was added but . . . 

We'd eaten before we came down.
Big mistake.  Those ribs had me drooling
all over the place. 

Games were being played but
I didn't realize early enough to
get decent pictures.
The one above was some sort of
coin toss thing and the one on the right was a beer balloon toss.

I thought I heard someone say that this was the 3rd year for Oktoberfest.  I don't know what the heck we were doing last year or the year before but this was our first.

Won't be our last.  Next year, I'll starve myself all day so I can chow down.

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  1. good job Ellen. keep them coming.