Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nothing to do Tuesday afternoon so . . .

We decided to drive to the lakeshore.  When we say that, we mean "the big lake" as in Lake Michigan.

We walked the beach for a bit and then checked out downtown Saugatuck.

This guy was like the people you see at Walmart that welcome you at the door.  I swore I saw him holding a little sign that said "Welcome to Pier Cove" but when we got closer - nuthin'.

What a peaceful sight.


We keep talking about getting back here but haven't made it in a few years.  Maybe several, now that I think about it.

A sculpture in the park on Butler.

Best food in town as far as I'm concerned.

I love this store.

Another sculpture in another park.

Near the river.

We've never taken this little ferry across the channel and I don't know why.  So quaint.

The landmark bar of Saugatuck.

Another favorite store.

I usually buy a cookie (or two) at this place.

You're at a lakeshore resort - you buy fudge.

Or a caramel apple.

This is a "lucky stone" or a "spirit stone" or a "lightning stone."  I believe you can only find them on the beaches of our "big lake." 
 I think we take this beautiful area for granted sometimes.  If you live in the area, get down there soon.  This is a perfect time of year to hit the beach.  Pick up a stone and then have a bite in Saugatuck.


  1. Did I understand you right? You haven't been to Saugatuck in years??? How is that possible? Looks like you had a nice visit. Love lightning stones. They look amazing cut and polished.

    1. No, no. I meant the restaurant, Chequers.

  2. Thanks for sharing your impression of Saugatuck, what a beautiful place to visit!


    1. It's lovely, Astrid. If you ever come to Michigan, you must go there. I'll meet you for lunch - at Phil's.