Monday, September 16, 2013

Last of the fair pictures

I tried to remember what kind of pictures I posted last year without actually going to that specific blog post and checking.  So here goes:

This is Todd standing on top of my booth setting up the announcement board.  Check out the sign - we had a big conference about how the word derby was spelled.  With a "u" or an "e."  The discussion went on embarrassingly long.

The Jewett school in our historical village.  My friend, Joy, taught a few sessions for visiting schools.

I love this old gas station.

This is a model of our old court house.

This place serves up apple cider and donuts.  A crowd favorite.

These two goat buddies look comfy, don't they?

This is a small portion of the campers that hang out for the entire 9 days of the fair.

Who doesn't love mule butts?


My boys at Gibby's turned out some killer fries again this year.

This is Mike.  Head of security.  He was hungry and tired.  It was day 9.  Can you read his lips?  It was something like, "Ellen, leave me alone!"  Or words similar to that.
 So, the fair has come to an end.  Another good year.  The weather was great and most of the attendees were wonderful.  Most of them.  There were 3 on my last day that I could have easily slapped but they'd already rolled up their windows.  Next year.

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