Friday, September 13, 2013

Hot box

I've talked about working at our county fair before.  I believe I've posted pictures as well.

It's that time again and I felt showing you where I spent the 3 hottest days of the fair was warranted.

My other three days were at the main gate and the hot ones were spent on the hill.  No shade up there.  The sun doesn't drop down behind the tree tops until around 7:30p.  I started each day at 2p.  Do the math.

It looks small, doesn't it?  Well, it's huge compared to the booths at the main gate.  I was considering hosting a dance in there.  "Roomy" doesn't do it justice. 
The colorful beach towel was a necessity to block the direct rays of the sun.  Otherwise, I would have dissolved into a puddle of "yuck."
We started using computers to keep track of entries 3 years ago.  I like them and hopefully it will keep me from making too many mistakes. 

We can also take credit cards (not American Express, tho') and the machine that processes the receipts is a handy place for the fan that saved my life.  Also, they installed a shade on the front window this year - whew! 

A shelf below the rear window holds all my essentials.  Water, Nook, hat and sipper.
 I didn't think to bring my fan for the first day.  Huge mistake.  I could have been used as a salt lick by the time I finally went home @ 9p.  Central air and a shower never felt so good.

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