Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Art Prize, 2013

This is only the second time we've gone to Art Prize.  I'm not really sure why but it was a fantastic day, the weather could not possibly have been better.  The crowds didn't make me want to commit a murder so . . .  Here are a bunch o' pics.

People always take pics of the front.  I decided rear was best.

 We scored a great parking spot and a hot dog thrown in for good measure.
It was an arty-farty experience.


  1. Lovely photos. Every year we say we're going and every year has passed by without following though. It appears that we again won't make it. Thanks for sharing. Linda K.

  2. You saw a lot. And the hot dog sounds good, too. I may not have to go myself now. Thanks.

  3. You saw many things that we did not see when we went. Very nice pictures!

  4. Nice pictures Ellen. You saw many things that I did not see. It was quite crowded when we went. In. fact we spent a good 20 minutes just trying to find a parking spot