Monday, June 24, 2013

Party at Lake 16!

 We are lucky ducks here in
Michigan.  We have a ton o'
small, medium and large inland
lakes.  This is one of them.

This cottage epitomizes the traditional "cottage by the lake."


Time to eat!  The hosts provided
a taco bar and the rest of us brought other goodies.
I would commit a felony for Jeremy's guac.


                  Taco bar.

 Part 1 of the dessert table.  Why, oh why did I even walk into this room??????

I don't want to go into too much detail here but my plate was obnoxious.  The good news is I couldn't finish everything on it.  A young friend (Gerah) came to my rescue and took care of my left-overs.


 The hosts:  Becky above and Jim to the right.  These folks know how to get their shindig on.

This is "The Lady of the Lake."  Carved out of what was left after a big willow went down.  When I look at her I remember Becky's mother, Phyllis Streidl, co-owner with her handsome husband, Jack, of this little cottage by the lake.


I call this group "the elder think tank" minus Adam on the far left who is, by no means, elder.

This is the "youngster" think tank.  They all look quite bright so I feel comfortable leaving the problems of the world on their shoulders - don't you?
I don't know who these people are and I have no idea why they are all holding fake mustaches-on-sticks.  They look ridiculous, don't they?  I walked quickly away from them.  They scared me.

A very enjoyable evening (except for those weirdos with the 'staches) in a serene setting with a bunch of nice people.  I know how happy Phyllis and Jack would be to see that their little cottage on Lake 16 is still hosting good times.

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