Friday, June 21, 2013

How about a little Italian

No, I'm not talking about Petey.  Ok, he's not the tallest Sicilian on the block but I wouldn't describe him as small - would you?

I'm talkin' food.  Italian food.

We couldn't decide where to eat tonight.  Certainly not in my kitchen - so where to?  We'd been to the Grill House last night and as much as I love the joint - two nights in a row wasn't going to happen.

Petey suggested Fricano's.  It's not far although out of town so we felt like real "grown ups" going out.

 Fricano's is in a cornfield.
There isn't much in the outdoor
surroundings that lead you to 
believe there's going to be good
chow inside.  Don't let that
mislead you.  Go in!

 A few other people dropped in
as well.  I don't know how many
people they can seat but it's a

Check out the back of Petey's
head above.  And, hehe, look at
it in the lower left corner of the
pic on the right. I don't see a 
bald spot - do you? 

 Hey!  These people look like celebrities, don't they?  I wonder
who they are?

Outdoor dining.  I don't know
why we didn't sit out there.  Oh
well.  Next time.

 Salads and yummy bread.

 My husband, the Sicilian, loves a thin, thin pizza.

  I like a nice lasagna.

After dinner we hopped in that gondola, grabbed both bottles of wine and went for a delightful ride down the nearest river.
I made that last part up.  You know that, don't you?

Good food, wonderful service.  Check out Fricano's if you've never been there.  If you have - go back again!


  1. Coincidences. We came home from the north and found a huge limb had blown down in one of them storms. It fell so nicely all in our neighbors yard only taking out one of our fence panels. Now we weren't there for the cleanup and since the neighbor didn't think a huge limb covering the back yard would be very decorative for his daughter's graduation party he took cre of it. Nice flowers were sent to the daughter and we headed off to Menards to get a fence panel. Never been to Fricano's with this husband. Used to eat there a lot. Jeff never met a restaurant he won't try. Wonderful character trait I think. So on the way home we stopped. We both had a salmon topped spinach salad that was a special . Very tasty. It hadn't changed much in about 8 years. Still good eats. So whose retirement party did we hold there???? Joyce

    1. Joyce - we talked about that retirement party - it was Tom Rochow.