Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's melting!

I haven't been melting glass lately.  I think I get into such a frenzy preparing for my open houses that afterward I'm kind of like - "flame?  glass? torch?" - no thanks.  Not for a while anyway.

That never lasts too long, thankfully.  I got a real itch to "light up" last week and have been playing ever since.

I love making disks for either earrings or necklaces.

I also love making other shapes.

 I've been melting glass for a little over 15 years.  I love watching it melt and love experimenting with shapes and colors.  I also love that it pretty much saved my mental well-being.  It helped me focus on something else besides the grief that was consuming me after my best friend, Sue, died.

Plus, I sucked at everything else I'd ever tried.  Knitting was a total joke.  Painting was only slightly less horrid - water color and oil.  There was a very short spell of trying to learn how to play piano.  Turns out you have to use both hands at the same time.  Of course, that's exactly what I do as a Sign Language interpreter but it didn't work out so well on the piano.

So, thank you, glass for being my friend for the past 15 years.  I wonder what the 15 year anniversary gift is - glass? hahaha

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