Thursday, February 16, 2012

A reality TV confession

Do you know people who appear to revel in announcing (with a haughty tone in their voice ) that they "never watch TV"? (I can never remember if the quote comes before the question mark or vice versa).  I do.  It always makes me laugh because then if the conversation continues and I mention a show or two that I enjoy it seems they've actually seen that one.  Yeah, right, you don't watch TV.  Who are you kidding - I'm on to you.
My friend, Sue Buese, is the only other person I know (besides myself) that proudly announces she's a fan of the television.  Yea, us.  No pride.
Most of my favorites are about crime and murder:  all of the CSIs, all of the Law and Orders, Criminal Minds (although I have to admit that last one is getting just a bit too icky for me).
I do not watch Glee.  I tried, couldn't do it.  I need blood on the floor and a car chase or two.
Anyway - back to the topic of this blog entry.  I think the first reality show that caught my attention was the one on MTV where all those young people lived in the same house for a while.  The name escapes me right now; I haven't seen it in several years.  I must have outgrown it, eh?
Then came Survivor.  That one got me hook, line and sinker.  Didn't miss an episode for a long, long time.  Talked about the people on it with other addicts like we knew them.  The last couple of seasons have been spotty, though.  It's slowly losing its appeal.
Next came The Amazing Race.  Love that one.  I was still working when it debuted @ 9p on Sunday nights.  I'd get so revved up watching it that I couldn't fall asleep at what was my bedtime back then - 10p.  Now I'm a big girl and can stay up until 11p - sometimes.  They've moved it back to 8p so I don't really have to test that theory.  Whew.
Alert.  Here comes my haughty tone:  I have never watched The Bachelor.  Ick.  Or its counterpart.
Alert.  Here comes the confession:  I love the "ink" shows.  Tattoo parlors around the country and all the drama that goes along with putting color on skin.
Last week I was sick and spent a fair amount of time on the couch and I was taken over by Philadelphia Parking Authority. 3 teams are featured:  parking ticket people, "boot" people and towing dudes.  There was a marathon going on and I honesty don't know how many episodes I watched.
The last one was Hoarders.  I watched 2 or 3 of those until I felt like I needed a shower.
So - do you have any guilty pleasures when it comes to reality TV?  Let's stick to that category, ok?  I don't need to know about your other guilty pleasures.  I'm pretty sure I don't (haughty tone).  Oh, what the heck - bring 'em on!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Ellen. I do love my TV! Although I do watch different things than you do. My guilty pleasures are a few of the "teen" shows: The O.C., Gossip Girl. I guess this stems from being a high school teacher and being in sync with my students. How's that for rationalization? Good job on the blogs, pal. Keep them coming! Sue B.

  2. Much to my family's horror, I watch "Hoarders" when I can. They just don't get it. I, however, feel so much better after an episode. My house just looks pristine after that show. janie

  3. I love Antiques Roadshow. I'm always sure that I must have something worth multiple dollars stuck away in the attic - if only I could just find it!

  4. I would have to say my guilty pleasure is right up there with Sue's. In fact, I think we used to discuss the pleasure of the O.C. back in the day. :) I am also a sucker for anything teeny, most recently, The Vampire Diaries. Love that one. Darryl and I also watch the occasional Hoarders and Janie is right, it makes you feel very good about your own house afterward. One I don't like to admit to watching is the occasional Mob Wives marathon on a Saturday afternoon. Those girls DO NOT mess around! Lovin your blog Ellen!