Sunday, February 19, 2012

I love the Blues.

I love, love, love the Blues.  Back in the 60s it was all Motown, all the time.  I guess I must have liked disco in the 70s.  Not at all sure what I listed to in the 80s and 90s - probably still hanging onto Motown.
And then came the Blues.  It all started with Delbert McClinton.  I saw him on TV but missed his name so I ended up calling the program to find out who he was.  Yup, I did.  Went right to the source.  Then I had to track down a tape.  Yes, a tape.  This was a while back.  My first stop was downtown to my pal, Mitch Wooster's, shop.  I asked him if he'd ever heard of Delbert McClinton and, of course, he had and so started ordering.  Love me some, Delbert.  BTW, Mitch does some of his tunes and tears 'em up.
I'm really keen on Bonnie Raitt too but I can't always sing along with her stuff - she has the audacity to go up and clean out of my range - often.
A guy I used to work with brought me a CD one day because we'd been talking about female Blues singers and how Bonnie was really the only one I was familiar with.  He handed me the music and said, "You need to listen to this woman."
That's when EG Kight came into my life and (I'm not embarrassed to say this even though it makes me sound quite off) my heart.
She's known as the Georgia Songbird - from Dublin, Georgia.  She writes her own music - her lyrics kill me.  She plays a helluva guitar and her voice - her voice does it for me.  Did I mention we sing in the same key?  That, my friends, is the icing on the cake.  I can get in the car and crank EG up to the ear bleeding level and sing until my head explodes.  Ok, that might be slightly over the top but you understand where I'm comin' from, right?
I have 7 of her CDs and I've played them so much that as one song finishes I can start singing  the next one before she does.
I've had the privilege of seeing EG live twice.  Even got to give her some of my beads and chat.  I was over the moon. I've also been lucky enough to sing 3 of her songs with my buddy, Kevin McDaniel.  I bullied him until he finally gave in.  Thanks, Kev.
Do yourself a favor and check her out.  I can't believe you won't fall in love just like I did - at first listen.


  1. You are wonderful Ellen, and bery interesting :)

  2. Astrid - doncha hate it when you don't proofread before you hit "publish?" I'm phobic about it because I make so many mistakes. Must be old fingers - on my part anyway.