Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feel Like Workin' Out?

I'm sitting here getting ready (mentally) for the Saturday morning Jazzercise session.  Or as my old buddy, JP Powell, used to call it, "Jazz My Thighs."  I've been a regular at Jazzercise here in Allegan for 21 years and to be perfectly honest with you - it has changed my life.
I'll never forget, all those years ago, when my best friend, Sue Lange, and I decided we needed to take desperate measures to lose some lbs and get in shape.
When the topic of Jazzercise came up we did the "I will if you will thing" and off we went - plus we were checking in at Weight Watchers on a weekly basis.
This was back in the spandex days.  We didn't go all Olivia Newton-John but we did suit up appropriately.  I remember one particular routine where we were on our backs with our legs up in the air for, what felt like, 22 hours.  Someone behind me remarked breathlessly, "Oh - my - god.  My legs weren't up in the air this long when I gave birth!!!"
Sue's life was much more complicated than mine so she had to drop out but I've been hanging in there - like I said, for 21 years.  With the same instructor!  Brenda Pearson is amazing.  She's always up and positive and extremely encouraging.  We've speculated that she must be on drugs.  haha.  No, just kidding but she is unstoppable.
Besides being a fantastic work-out and never, ever boring - the camaraderie is life-sustaining.  I have met such wonderful women (and a few men along the way).  We've been through everything together.  Weddings, funerals, births and divorces.  We laugh, cry and sing together.  Oh, yeah, and sweat like stevedores. 
If you live around here, come check us out.  First time is free.  If you live elsewhere (why would you?, haha), go online and find a class.  It'll change your life.

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