Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another favorite spot

This is our movie house - The Old Regent Theater.  It's been there forever and hasn't change much since I was a kid.

The roof collapsed several years ago so at the time of repair a few other things were replaced and updated.

When I was a little rug rat the fire station was right next door - to the right of the theater.  That was just fine until the boys got called out during a movie.  Missed a fair amount of dialogue while the sirens wailed.
That was back in the days of news reels and cartoons prior to the feature.  Remember?  Well, maybe some of you young ones don't but something seems to have been lost when comparing the experience of my younger days to the present time.

One thing we didn't have back in the "good old days" that we periodically have now is - bats!  For no extra charge you get the thrill of a bat or two making a cameo appearance.  Not my favorite part of the evening.

This wonderful old building almost had to shut its doors some years ago but a group of local citizens took it over and got it back on its feet.  It is now operated by our city and they do a very fine job.

Oh, I forgot to mention the best part - it only costs $4.00 to sit in front of the big screen.  Unless, of course, you go on "two for the price of one" night.  There's also "bring you own bag" night for unlimited popcorn.
I love our little movie theater.


  1. The Regent was my first job. I was behind the popcorn counter. what a fun job. A lot of my high school friends worked so it didn't seem like work plus you got to see all the movies for free. Many fond memories of working there.
    Sue Chappell Ross

  2. I forgot if we had any popcorn left over at the end of the night you were allowed to take it home. My Dad always waited for me to bring him the left overs. I believe I always made sure we didn't run out so I could take some home to him. I always smelled like popcorn. Hated having to clean the popcorn machine on Sat. mornings. Hilda Wooten was the manager at the time and could always find a "spot" I had missed. Working with Falkie was a always a treat.
    Sue Chappell Ross

  3. Talking about the " Good Old Days" did you have Drive-in theaters in the US. This used be a big hit both for families and couples ;)
    There are none left anymore, but they were great fun, kids used to go in the pyjamas and sit in front of the car on a blanket!

    Your movie house is so cute and it is great that it is still around :)


  4. Yes, Astrid, we had drive-in movies here. During the summer you could buy something called a "punk stick", (I think that's what we called it) and light it and the smoke was supposed to keep the mosquitoes away.
    Loved those drive-ins. None left here anymore either.

  5. Sue - I don't ever remember you talking about working there. They were giving some bags away last weekend when we left but I'm not a popcorn eater so I passed.
    I also totally forgot Falkie. Wow, what a blast from the past.

  6. think the closest drivin is down by waterveliet or up by T C.
    and how could some one forget about Falkie, the grumbly loving old coot! we always got along with him & Mrs Falk.
    Craig P.