Sunday, January 25, 2015

Another "song" birthday

When I turned "Sweet Sixteen" way back in the day (although some people may take issue with the "sweet" part) I don't think "You're 16, you're beautiful and you're mine" was out yet.  Was that Ringo?
Anyway, that was the first of the "song" birthdays.

Then there was a long dry period.  The next one up was "Will ya still feed me, will ya still need me, when I'm 64?"  Were the Beatles involved with that one too?  If so, are you sensing a theme here?

Nope.  Because today is the "Route 66" birthday. I know there wasn't a Beatle to be found on that sound track. I suppose I could invest a bit of time and look up who actually recorded these songs - but remember, I'm the "lazy blogger."

I'm not getting my kicks on that specific highway but I may be traveling on M-40 South soon.  Does that count?

Social Security was 4 years ago and Medicare was last year.  It looks as though the only cool thing about this one (other than the fact that I'm still here) is the song.

Let's hope the same goes for the next one - "77 Sunset Strip." 


  1. I am personally looking forward to 100 bottles of beer on the wall! LOL Happy Birthday my friend! Route 66 will take place with me this coming December!

    1. OMG, Dill. I hadn't even thought of that one.