Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Big Chill

No, not the movie - although it was great, wasn't it? - I'm referring to what's going on right now here in Michigan and elsewhere.  We're kind of psychologically prepared for it but it doesn't stop many of us (me) from complaining out loud and frequently.

I hate it, folks.  To the marrow of my bone.  Despise it.

Yesterday I couldn't get warm to save my life.  I had on the thickest pair of socks I could find and my new warm slippers.  I huddled on the couch like a wiener with two afghans on top of me and my nose was still cold.  

We are not, by the way, people that keep their thermostats very, very low like some family members I know but won't mention. (Stacey)

I even drove up to a nearby store, Family Farm and Home, hoping they would have Carhart socks; my friend, Gerah, said they were supposed to be great.  No such luck.

There's a whole new routine when Old Man Winter comes to town.  I put my Jazzercise sneakers on top of the heating vent before I take off to sweat with my gal pals so my toes don't turn into little ice cubes.

Augie's winter coat goes on another vent so it'll be warm when I strap him into it.

Petey's walking gear (hat, mittens, etc) go on another (good thing we have several, eh) to warm up and dry out.

Oh, btw, we're all set for grub when this next storm rolls in this afternoon.  I just got back from the store with the essential survival foods - frozen pizza and chocolate cake.  I didn't intend to buy the cake, it wasn't on my list.  I don't know how it ended up in my cart but I was in too much of a hurry to get home (and into my warm slippers and two afghans) to return it.  Oh well.

That's life in the frozen mitten.  


  1. Pizza and chocolate cake sounds like a plan. I too am having a problem keeping warm. It's my fingers or thumb when I'm out snow blowing. Just ordered new thermal mittens on line - hope they get here before I have to have an amputation.

    1. Hope the mittens do it for ya. Thanks for commenting.