Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Music Men & 1 Woman

Our library (love the place) hosted a brass quintet from the Kalamazoo area the other night.  Petey and I went knowing it would be entertaining but didn't expect it to be WOW entertaining.

They came color coordinated, too.  Gotta love a guy in a purple tie and of course - the lady sportin' a purple vest won me over before I even heard a note.

No matter how many times I have asked for the explanation between a coronet and a trumpet, it escapes me.  This was one of them.

Two was even better.

Obviously I'm not a note-taking blogger or I would have written some stuff down so I'd remember if this one was actually a tuba or not.  I have a picture in my memory bank (not as full as it used to be) that the tuba is the one that rests on your shoulders; the one you "wear."  Corrections are accepted.

I played the tenor sax in school and the trombones were nearby (Hi, Gus.  Hi, Tom) and I don't remember ever hearing sweet, sweet sounds coming from that section - not like this one.  Oh, baby.

For a while I thought she was hiding snacks inside that French horn.  I kept a look-out and never saw her retrieve an M&M.

This is our librarian, Lindsy Dorfman.  She's the driving force behind some great programs at our wonderful library.

Mom, this Dixieland video is for you.

If you live in the area, check out the happenings at the library.  It's a beautiful building with some cool stuff going on inside.

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